and other neo- late cretaceous jurassic things

[Content warning: Featured here are mostly carnivorous animals living their lives,
so some pictures will include blood and animal death in the context of prey for the dinos.
Those pages are marked with "gory" under the link, along with possible other warnings.]

Jurassic Park AU about the movie's raptor hatchling, and her pack:

Last Queens of Thieves
February - April 2019
[text fanfic, detailed warnings in header]

Something (more) has survived
Various illustrations
[cw: gory, bugs]

Jurassic World AU about Blue and the Indoraptor prototype:

1. A Find
July 2019
[cw: emetophobia]

2. Rest
July 2019

3. Sky
September 2018

4. Communication
January 2019

5. Unusual
February 2019

6. Stick together for
actually survival

Various illustrations
[cw: gory,
implied human death]

7. An unexpected addition
October 2018

8. Greeting
October 2018

9. Two raptors and a baby
Various illustrations

10. Bedtime Story
October 2018

11. Family
October 2018

12. Congrats, it's a bird!
March 2019

13. Warm and fluffy

Various illustrations
[cw: gory, bugs]

14. A long-expected addition
October - November 2019
[cw: gory]

15. Just little chick things
Various illustrations
[cw: gory, bugs]

16. Pack Hunt
May 2020

17. Growing Together
July 2020
cw: (mildly) gory]

18. Cold
September 2020

19. Collision
October 2020 - January 2021
[cw: gory, more detailed
warnings in header]


Surprise! They were the same AU:

20. Meeting
February - March 2021

21. First Impressions
May 2021

22. Pack Life
Various illustrations
[cw: implied pet animal death]

23. Mystery
July, September 2021
[cw: bugs]

24. Courageous and Gentle
May 2021
[text fanfic]

25. Moults and migrations
Various illustrations
[cw: bugs]

26. Nesting
February 2022

27. A Growing Pack
Various illustrations
[cw: gory, bugs]


Character profile page for raptor AU characters
To help keep track of all these OCs and such


Not so scientifically inaccurate raptor art, drawn in:


[cw: bugs]

[cw: gory]



Other dinosauring, JP/W and not:

Painting-y JP/W dinos

Clever girls
[cw: gory, food]

Misc JP/W art
[cw: gory]

Doodle sets
[cw: food]

Original (and non-raptor)
dino art

Dino commissions
[cw: gory]


Dinosaur toy customizing:

Raptor repaints

Vol. 1
Raptor Squad, Indoraptor, Skye
August - December 2018

Vol. 2
JP raptor OCs (LQoT pack)
July - December 2019

Vol. Baby
JW raptor OCs
(Blue & Indoraptor's chicks)
Sept 2019 - Jan 2020

Vol. JP:TG
October - December 2020

Vol. Boys
JP raptor OCs
July - September 2021

Figures sculpted from scratch

Skye upgrade
Baby from Rr Vol. 1 with
juvenile plumage
January - May 2020

Soft steps
Baby JP raptor OC
April 2021

Misc dino toy repaints
July 2019 onwards


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Art and stories Elina Hopeasaari / Kosmonauttihai. Jurassic Park / Jurassic World and its characters are someone else.
Please don't repost my art without permission.